Insta-glucose and convenient carrying cases to organize, manage, and carry your diabetic supplies.

New heavy-duty food grade USDA approved plastic barrels. Each barrel has two large filling openings (bung)-- one threaded with standard NPT threads, and the other with a fine thread bung stopper.  All fitted with "O" ring seals. Ideal for drinking water storage.


The items shown in this category are recomended as practical home, office or school  preparations for the aftermath of Hurricanes, Earthquakes and Storms. Often power and water supplies are disrupted in the hours and days following any natural disaster. A safe water supply, emergency food, cooking and heating power or fuel, and the ability to hear emergency communications are essential to survival in the disaster aftermath.  Be Prepared with these items.

Water Filters, First Aid Kits, Survival Kits, Camping Products, Candles, Radios, Safety Items, Emergency Heat and food and water emergency supplies are all items you need to be adequately prepared to ride-out an emergency situation. Whether you are preparing to Bug-out or Bug-in, that is move to shelter or stay put in your home or private emergency shelter, these are essential preparedness supplies.

Food is an essential emergency preparedness item; and the best protection for extended disruption of infrastructure is a secure supply of long shelf life foods.  Whether it is as little as a 72 hour supply, or as long as one year for multiple individuals, a stable food supply should be the starting point of your emergency preparations. 
Raine manufactures exceptional quality nylon pouches, cases, holsters and field gear that provide superior performance when absolutely needed. Every product is inspected and built for rigorous field use. These products have been overwhelmingly accepted by the US Military as well as by professionals in the areas of Police, EMS, Fire, Rescue, Security, Industry and Outdoor Sports. The items shown below are a selection of the most popular Raine products. The Raine products are made in the USA.
books for spiritual advancement, emergency preparedness, survival, self-reliance; Earth change maps; meditation, and self-help tapes.
Pumps, fittings and portable storage devices for drinking water storage and water filtration.