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Fire Safety Items

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Jaco Fire and Draft Sealer  
Product Code: J20111 
Fire and Draft Sealer - 10.5 oz cartridge for caulk gun application. Color red tint.
Fire and Draft Sealer is a non-combustible sealant used for firestopping applications around plumbing, duct work, wiring, framing around chimneys, masornry, and other through penetrations and construction voids.
Rated 2000 degrees for 4 hours, UL classified, meets ASTM-E84 for zero flame-smoke, Meets ASTM-E136 and ASTM-E814.  Non-toxic, non-corrosive, odorless, environmentally safe, water resistant, ph near nuetral.  No effect from freeze-thaw.
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$6.50   $6.00  
Shipping: $5.95

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Jaco Fire and Draft Sealer -32 oz. Tube  
Product Code: J50029 
Jaco Brand Fire and Draft Sealer in a quart (32oz.) cartridge for caulk gun application.  Same great product (Intumescent Fireblock),  but in larger application tube allowing fewer changeovers and cost savings per appliation.      
Price: $17.95
Shipping: $5.95


JACO Firestopper  
Product Code: J50011 
JACO Firestop, 10.5 oz. cartrige for caulk gun appication.  Color: medium red
Jaco Firestop is a commercial quality , intumescent, non-combustible fire, smoke, and draft stopping sealant for through penetrations and constuction voids.  A water -based , non-corrosive, non- toxic odorless compound that withstands 3000 degrees F, for 8 hours ( versus 2000 degrees for 4 hours for Fire & Draft Sealer above).  It can be safely removed with soap and water prior to curing.  Full cure occurs in several weeks depending on thickness of application and ambient temperatures.  It adheres to most construction material including  ceramics, composites, masonry, metal, plastic, and wood.
Rated for 3000 degrees for 8 hours.  UL classified.  Meets ASTM -E84, ASTM-E136, and ASTM-E814.  Environmentally safe.  No special handling required.   
Case of 12 tubes $6.65 each tube ($79.80 per case), case weight 15 lbs.
1-11 12 +
$7.50   $6.65  
Shipping: $5.95

Displaying 1 through 3 of 3 products.

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