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Propane Lanterns & Accessories

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Deluxe Propane Lantern, single mantle  
Product Code: NWR1032  
Adjusts to 300-candlepower illumination. Baked enamel hood, heat-resisant globe, metal socket injector, valve adapter, handle. Plastic base holds 16.4 oz or 14.1 oz disposal propane fuel cylinder (not included). Burns 8 hours at maximum setting.  
Price: $28.95
Shipping: $5.95


Easylight® Double Mantle Deluxe Propane Lantern  
Product Code: TS14203 
No matches are needed with the piezoelectric automatic Easylight® system. Stored energy produces spark for instant light. Double mantles adjust to 600-candlepower illumination. Adjustable light intensity. Heat-resistant glass globe. Baked enamel hood. Chrome-plated handle. Metal socket injector and valve adapter. Large stable plastic base holds 16.4 oz or 14.1 oz disposable propane fuel cylinder (not included). Burns 6 hours at maxiumum setting.  
Price: $17.50
Shipping: $5.95

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Lantern globe (fits SS170)  
Product Code: SS167 
Price: $10.95
Shipping: $5.95


Lantern mantles (2 pkg)  
Product Code: SS166 
Price: $2.45
Shipping: $5.95


Propane Lantern, Double Mantle  
Product Code: SS170 
Price: $35.95
Shipping: $5.95

Displaying 1 through 5 of 5 products.

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